How to Prosectute a Religious Sect

Marci Hamilton lends her legal analysis of what is turning out to be a very complicated situation in Texas.

The Christian Science Monitor, gets into the nitty-gritty of the court battle. In a sidebar audio commentary, reporter Faye Bowers discusses certain similarities between the lives of young women within a polygamous religious sect in Texas and those of women in she wrote about while reporting in Saudi Arabia.

The Salt Lake Tribune discusses the raids, their legality, and historical precedents.

On The Hill’s Congress Blog, Marci throws her support behind officials seeking to prosecute groups such as the FDLS.


One Response

  1. I agree with Ms. Hamilton’s position that victims of abuse deserve justice. I am certain every law-abiding decent human being would agree her on that point. But how do you propose we undertake such an endeavor without destroying the innocent? It is often difficult to prove a case of abuse and we have recently witnessed innocent citizens ruthlessly prosecuted, their lives and the lives of their children destroyed. I refer to Jordan, Minnesota, the McMartin Preschool case, Fells Acres to name a few. In these cases wildly bizarre accusations were coaxed out of children by detectives, attorneys and psychologists and used as evidence in court at the cost of millions in tax dollars without a shred of credible evidence. In the end, we realized that there was no truth behind the accusations and that we had in reality accomplished the unthinkable. Surely, we don’t want to revisit these McCarthyistic years again? You are treading very dangerous territory here Ms. Hamilton. Anyone can make accusations – how do you propose we keep these cases legitimate?

    What about the children we are trying to protect? We do not have a competent foster care system in place to protect abused children. Historically children in foster care have been exposed to the very abuse child protective service’s is trying to protect them from: physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and the modern addition of drugging foster children with psychotropic medications. With more funding than ever before in the history of child protection, foster children are still being beaten, raped and murdered in state custody. Foster children suffer the loss of their biological families and then suffer brutality at the hands of their foster parents and supporters of child protection stand by and do nothing. Children are violently snatched from their homes without evidence to support that any abuse occurred and are then placed with total strangers who may or may not protect them. We are gambling with the lives of our children here. How many more stories of murder, rape, torture, and starvation at the hands of foster parents and adoptive parents do we have to read in the news before we are willing to admit that our system has failed our children and families? How many hopelessly broken children will age out of foster care into homelessness before we conclude that our latest social experiment has failed miserably?

    These are my concerns about our justice system. I would like to see children protected from pedophiles. But I want to see true intelligent justice, not mass-hysteria and overzealousness.

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