Anchor Brewery Welcomes Bamforth

I love the Anchor Brewing Co.’s beer.

I love it.

I love Anchor Steam, I love their Christmas beer on the less “piney” years, I love Old Foghorn, and I really love the rye and gin they’ve been distilling lately.

When I went to Oakland, CA for a wedding in my fiance’s family, the hotel desk handed me a “care package” basket from the bride and groom. It had some snacks and a couple big bottles of Anchor Steam. They knew.

So when the publication of Grape vs. Grain approached, and I started to think about a launch-event location near Davis, CA, they were on my list from the start. I called the brewery one afternoon and introduced myself. When I mentioned that Charles Bamforth had a new book coming out, the woman who answered the phone said “Oh, Charlie! We know Charlie. Sure, let me get you in touch with John Danerbeck.”

Thus it began, and Anchor has been very hospitable ever since. I understand that last night’s event was a very good one.

So thanks to Anchor, to John Danerbeck (pictured right) and to Charles for his work championing beer.

Also, thanks to Jay, who graciously provided the picture. Read his post about the event here.

Were you there? I wish I was. How was it? Comments are open!


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