Nick Smith reflects on his media appearances

Ever wondered what it’s like to be interviewed on the radio or television?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Nick Smith, author of I Was Wrong: the Meanings of Apologies. Here are some of his thoughts on dropping everything for media appearances, his own radio idol, and being accused of having a speech impediment.

Jonathan Gaugler, my hard-working publicist at Cambridge, asked my to write up some thoughts about the flurry of activity since the release of I Was Wrong: The Meanings of Apologies. This is my first book, so this is all new to me.


Diane Rehm devoted an entire show to the book on Tuesday. This may not sell as many copies as an appearance on Oprah, but for me it was even more thrilling. Diane Rehm belongs in the pantheon of great figures in contemporary media, and I don’t know of any better interviewer (although Terry Gross surely warrants similar praise). As so many programs become increasingly argumentative and paced for short attention spans, she slows down conversations and treats her guests with such grace and thoughtfulness. She listens enthusiastically, which I find to be one of the most important skills for any teacher. Over the years I have looked to her show as a model for conversations in my classrooms, so this was like meeting the master. Continue reading


Weekly Link Round-up

It’s Friday! I don’t know about you folks, but I’ll be relaxing with the family. Always nice to see them in NYC.

What’s happened here last week? Read on:

i-was-wrong.jpgNick Smith, author of I Was Wrong has a busy few days ahead of him:

Sunday, he’ll be on CBC News Sunday‘s segment on “The Art of the Apology.”

Tuesday he will be in DC for The Diane Rehm Show.

Smith is both a philosopher interested in apologies and a former trial lawyer; suffice it to say he’ll have a lot to talk about in current politics, including the Eliot Spitzer affair. Tune in!

Far Eastern Economic Review posted a great piece about our own Bill Overholt’s Asia, America, and the Transformation of Geopolitics. Wondering whether the US is handling things well in the far East? Read on. hosted a Q&A with Susan Aaronson, author of Trade Imbalance. Aaronson discusses the always murky territory of trade and human rights.

Appellation Beer – the site and blog of author and beer lover Stan Hieronymus is reading Grape vs. Grain. He has his own thoughts about the beer/wine debate right up front today, and throughout the blog.

The excellent Good Grape is anticipating Bamforth’s book as well.