Friday Round-Up

What a busy week indeed. Our authors are giving some valuable commentary on issues from all over the news.

The allegations of polygamy and abuse by the FLDS in Eldorado, TX has thrust issues of child abuse and church-state relations into the spotlight. Marci Hamilton wrote about the FDLS two years ago in God vs. the Gavel, and addresses bringing child abusers to justice in Justice Denied. Look no further for expert legal commentary on the unfolding investigation, including her regular posts right here on this blog.

Here are just a few of her many appearances over the last few days:

Interview on Good Morning America on April 10, see minute 2:50

Live chat on on April 8

Interview on the BBC World Service, April 10, 10pm

* * *

A video recently surfaced in which Canadian MP Tom Lukiwski says some pretty awful things about homosexuals. He offered a very public apology and asked for forgiveness. But who would be capable of doing so? Charles Griswold, author of Forgiveness comments on the possibility in The National Post.

* * *

Speaking of apologies, they’re everywhere, aren’t they? Between Spitzer, all of the presidential candidates, and Lukiwski above, Nick Smith, author of I Was Wrong has his work cut out for him. He had an hour-long interview on New Hampshire Public Radio’s The Exchange Tuesday. Have a listen!

* * *

Scientists and politicians are at odds as never before. Sheila Jasanoff discusses the many facets of scientific research, its intersection with government, and the ways that they can better get along in her review of Roger Pielke Jr.’s The Honest Broker.


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